Sacred Water Walk

Due to Covid19 gathering restrictions, this event has been restructured to an online format

Back-up Plan: roughly 1 hr

RSVP to get the link to join the event. If you can not make the live event, you will be sent a recording afterwards.

With regrets that we can not host this third annual Sacred Water Walk, we have come up with an alternative for the whole family.  Many of us have been inspired by the late grandmother Josephine Mandamin and her dedication to water protection through walking for the water. Join us for this online event where we welcome Joanne Robertson as she reads from her book about Josephine called The Water Walker. We will also watch a short clip of Josephine herself, sing the Nibi song and be invited to go to a nearby water body to send our own prayers.

In honour of all that has been inspired in us through Josephine's walks, we feel called to send our gratitude and prayers for the health of the Speed and Eramosa rivers that we enjoy so freely. 



Mother Earth Water Walks: 


A Water Walk is Not

*a protest, activist action, or a social event.

*about the individual or what you can gain sitting idle

*a place to look for your next partner

*for boasting, social chatting, carelessly talking nor gossiping

*for thrill seekers, nor is it a contest or competition, exercise, a work-out, or a game of “I can handle it” or go the distance

*for those that just show up at the end the walk to be seen and to say they were there

*a performance piece

*for those who have romanticized ideas about Indigenous people

*for those who feel the need to force other cultural values onto protocols already in place

Note: If anyone is disruptive/disrespectful, or abusive they will be asked to leave.

A Water Walk IS first and foremost about Water. It is a ANISHINAABE CEREMONY from the time the pail is lifted to the time of set down the Walkers are in Ceremony.

May 03, 2020 at 10:00am - 11am
Online Zoom Event
Guelph, ON
Google map and directions
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