The Ground We Ground Own - Film Fest - Online

This year is unlike any other, so why not seize this opportunity for us to host an event like never before.

We are hosting our very first digital film fest!

Join us for an evening of digital content celebrating digital content creators on June 5th.                                

From Short Films to Music Videos, from Micro Documentaries to Media Arts:

we will have something for everyone.

The event is being curated by DIY grassroots film fest

Toronto Indie Night and local start-up Path Forward Productions.

                                                                          Toronto Indie Night isn’t your typical film fest. Focusing on supporting emerging content AND forgotten gems alike, Indie Night offers a professional yet laid-back environment to explore truly unique short-form content. Created by actor/producer Shannon Tosic McNally in response to the traditional film circuits. Their events are a unique chance for viewers to experience content that might otherwise go unseen.

And if that wasn’t enough: We will also be screening the world premiere of We All Have a River, a micro-documentary made in isolation, which chronicles the community engagement project Path Forward Productions has been working on over the last 5 months. Spearheaded by actor/creator Dylan Roberts, the documentary features the work of musician Madison Galloway, choreographer Kween Kay and installation artist and scenographer Troy Hourie as they collaborated to curate a community engagement project involving personal storytelling and self-expression.

Please RSVP to this event below and choose to receive emails in order to receive the Zoom links for this event.

This online event will have closed captions.


Hosted by: Toronto Indie Night and Path Forward Productions

“At Indie Night: We celebrate the stories being told around us, and champion storytellers at every stage of development. Our events are one of a kind, and we hope you can join us”



June 05, 2021 at 7:00pm - 8pm
Jody Hamilton Odell Kruckeberg Alok Narekkattuvalappil Revi Patricia Salazar Fred Brydges Erik Termote erik termote Roadie Rick David Flack Wendy Hughes Jess Brooks Jay Bailey Laura Romero Mel Franke Andalyne Tofflemire Kristine Allison James Shute Shari Roberts Judy Gingrich Shannon McNally Paul Clark Tracie Seedhouse

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