The 2021 2Rivers Festival

Celebrating our 10th Annual Festival

At the confluence of rivers, peoples and their stories

We are very excited and proud to announce that this little festival of ours will be celebrating our tenth year for our 2021 2Rivers Festival. The vision of this festival is to connect our community with the beating heart here - our 2 beautiful rivers. We proudly showcase local organizations doing great work in our community in imagining an offering to bring their supporters to engage more with these local rivers.

Due to uncertainty about Covid, we are planning for either on-site or online venues for the 2021 festival. Our online version this year was a great success so we are undaunted by the possibility that it will happen in this format next year. However, we will keep the dream of in-person events alive.  Thanks to all our host organizations who adapted quickly and creatively to make this year's festival a success!