Conservation Authority Panel - Online

Delicious waterLearn about the current status of Ontario's water conservation system

Come learn about the recent changes to Ontario's Conservation Authority Act, what the current state of Ontario's water conservation framework is, and where we go next to preserve our local water systems.

This past year saw the biggest change to water conservation policy in decades with the passing of Bill 229. What do these changes mean for our water conservation efforts at the Yorklands and beyond? What does water conservation even mean? How can we as a community best leverage the tools available?

Join David Alton (Yorklands Green Hub Development Manager) and Rob Case (Wellington Water Watchers Board Chair) for a digital conversation to answer these questions and more!

The slides and script for this event will be available upon request.

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This online event will have closed captions.

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May 26, 2021 at 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Emily Aimola Diana Smith Rob Case Sophia Yanishevsky Michelle Bowman David Alton Bonnie Weaver Bruce Weaver Susan Ratcliffe Hugh Whiteley Adam Bonnycastle

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