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  • Saturday, May 05, 2018 at 09:00 AM · 66 rsvps
    Royal City Park meet at the Gazebo in Guelph, ON, Canada

    2Rivers Cleanup

    Help restore the health of our rivers

    Join OPIRG Guelph for our 39th annual 2Rivers Cleanup!  Meet at the Gazebo in Royal City Park, meet or join your team, and head out to a stretch of the river. We’ll clean up the litter we can see, and try to document possible sources of invisible pollution and habitat degradation in the area. 

    Note: Please bring a bike or good walking shoes, and dress for the weather. Snacks and refreshments will be provided.  

    Accessible: yes

    Hosted by:  OPIRG - Ontario Public Interest Research Group

  • Saturday, May 05, 2018 at 02:00 PM · 4 rsvps

    Speed River Rapids, Up Close

    Hike with us along the Speed River!

    The Speed River slices down a continuous series of rapids from Riverside Park to Goldie Mill. a 2km unmarked dirt footpath through the woods allows the adventurous hiker to see this hidden secret in Guelph's midst. 

    Please wear appropriate footwear: Our hike will end at Goldie Mill, so participants can use the paved TransCanda Trail for their return trip or to continue to downtown.

    Accessible: No

    Hosted byGuelph Hiking Trail Club

  • Sunday, May 06, 2018 at 10:00 AM
    The Boathouse in Guelph, ON, Canada

    Sacred Water Walk

    Join us in ceremony and in prayer for the health of our waters...

    Many of us have been inspired by grandmother Josephine Mandamin and her dedication to water protection through walking for the water. In honour of all that has been inspired in us through her walks, we feel called to walk for the health of the Speed and Eramosa rivers that we enjoy so freely. 

    Because we are in a specific Anishinaabe Ceremony, women wear long skirts and men long pants to show our respect for our Grandmothers, for Mother Earth and for ourselves. Women on their Moon-time do not carry the water during this time, as they are already in Ceremony.

    A Water Walk is Not

    *a protest, activist action, or a social event.

    *about the individual or what you can gain sitting idle

    *a place to look for your next partner.

    *for boasting, social chatting, carelessly talking nor gossiping.

    *for thrill seekers, nor is it a contest or competition, exercise, a work-out, or a game of “I can handle it” or go the distance

    *for those that just show up at the end the walk to be seen and to say they were there.

    *a performance piece

    *for those who have romanticized ideas about Indigenous people

    *for those who feel the need to force other cultural values onto protocols already in place

    Note: If anyone is disruptive/disrespectful, or abusive they will be asked to leave.

    A Water Walk IS first and foremost about Water. It is a ANISHINAABE CEREMONY from the time the pail is lifted to the time of set down the Walkers are in Ceremony.

    Accessible: There is a good stretch that is wheelchair accessible along the first leg (covered bridge to Victoria bridge), but the second stretch (south of the river Victoria bridge to Gordon) is not.

    Hosted by: Seven Generations Forward

    Download Poster Here.



  • Sunday, May 13, 2018 at 09:00 AM
    Eramosa River Park in Guelph, ON, Canada

    3 Rivers Ride

    Spend the day biking along our rivers

    The Guelph Wellington Waterloo Regional Trail Committee along with Speed River Bicycle are hosting a special edition of the their semi-monthly, SRB Multi-surface ride. For this special event we have selected a route that will follow recreation trails and scenic back roads along the Eramosa, Speed, and Grand rivers. Starting at Eramosa River Park, this 76km ride will take riders to The rare Charitable Research Reserve for a brief lesson about the Speed and the Grand, and refuelling before returning to Guelph.

    Check out the Speed River Gravel Grinders Facebook group or contact Taylor at

    Accessible: No

    Host organization: Guelph Wellington Waterloo Regional Trail Committee

    Collaborating OrganizationsSpeed River Bicycle



  • Sunday, May 13, 2018 at 02:00 PM · 2 rsvps
    Marianne's Park - Gordon St. Bridge in Guelph, ON, Canada

    Mother's Day Water Blessing

    Water in Faith Traditions: Cleansing, Nurturing, Symbolic

    Wellington Water Watchers  co-hosts monthly Water Blessings with other community groups to provide opportunities for the public to gather to celebrate the magic and majesty of water. This Water Blessing will occur on Mother’s Day to honour all women who carry life giving waters.

    We gather to reflect on our unique relationship with water and our duty to protect this precious gift we are entrusted with while we are here. Brian Carwana of Encounter World Religions Centre will join us for a talk on the centrality of water in the practices and symbolism of some of the world's great spiritual traditions. 

    Note: Dress for the weather. Please bring your favourite water.

    Hosted by: Wellington Water Watchers, The Council of Canadians, Encounter World Religious Centre

    Accessible: Yes

  • Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at 06:00 PM

    Garlic Mustard Pull & Pesto Making Workshop

    Riverbank health & delicious pesto!BEAN

    Garlic mustard is an invasive herb native to Europe. It spreads quickly, interfering with the growth of other plants including several species at risk. While it is not a good food source for wildlife, it is high in vitamins A and C, and it makes great pesto. Join us to learn about the plant and how to safely pull it. You'll contribute to the health of the river bank, and leave with some ingredients for your very own delicious pesto!

    Please bring your own containers. ALL WELCOME. This is a family-friendly event.

    Note: Please don’t drive if you don’t have to! There might not be much parking in the area.

    Accessible: on a gravel trail, please contact for more details

    Host OrganizationOPIRG Guelph

  • River Remnants; Exploring the Silver Creek

    Uncover the secrets of the Silver Creek

    The banks of the Silver Creek tell many stories about our city.  We will follow the remnants of the river from its mouth at the Speed to its disappearance under the tracks. Learn why the first John Sleeman chose its waters for his beer, the story of the Red and Phoenix Mills, and the mysterious broken dam.  

    Meet us at the mouth of the Silver Creek (also called Howitt Creek), on the north side of the Speed River between Hanlon Parkway and Edinburgh Road South. Participants can park at the Silvercreek skatepark and walk west along the Speed River to our starting location. We will end our walk at Howitt Park.

    Host OrganizationArchitectural Conservancy of Ontario, Guelph and Wellington Branch

    Accessible: No

  • Sunday, May 20, 2018 at 11:00 AM
    Ptarmigan Drive and NIska Road in Guelph, ON, Canada

    Walk the Niska Valleylands

    Walk to understand the effects of the Niska reconstruction and the bridge widening on the lands of the Hanlon Creek Conservation area and the former Kortright Waterfowl Park.

    Host Organization: Speed River Valley Heritage Lands Association

    Accessible: No

  • Thursday, May 24, 2018 at 07:00 PM
    City Hall Room 112 in Guelph, ON, Canada

    Can We Learn to Live with Urban Canada Geese?

    What are Guelph's options for managing Canada Geese?

    Guelph’s riversides attract many people each year as we seek the joys and escape offered by our few urban natural areas. These same places attract a growing population of Canada Geese. Where there were a couple just a few years ago there are now hundreds. As a result, riverside areas are covered with excrement, water quality is diminished, roadside collisions are increasing and incidents involving physical injury have been noted.  How can we respect other living things and yet manage this problem?

    This event will include a presentation from Canada Goose specialist Christ Sharp, Canadian Wildlife Service, followed by panel and audience discussion. Let’s determine how we can balance respect for wildlife with people’s desire to enjoy our river lands and the costs of achieving this to build social consensus moving forward.


    Accessible: Yes

    Hosted by: 2Rivers Festival

  • Saturday, May 26, 2018 at 01:00 PM

    River Mini-residency with Leslie McCue

    Join Musagetes and artist Leslie McCue for a river & water inspired artist talk and intergenerational art making workshop

    Leslie McCue is Mississauga, Ojibway from Curve Lake First Nation, currently living and working in Toronto. Leslie is an arts administrator, artist, performer, and educator who over the years has fought for Indigenous rights by breaking stereotypes and raising cultural awareness. Her work is driven by her past, her passion to educate and the motivation to empower others. A true artist, McCue has been working through various mediums to convey her message such as, traditional dance, performance, film and video production, sound art, theatre, design, mixed media, and arts administration.

    *Note: Space for this event is very limited, so online registration is required 

    If registration is full, please contact us to be put on a waiting list.

    Host Organization: Musagetes Guelph

    Accessible: yes