We protect what we love, and the 2Rivers Festival is designed to help us fall in love with our rivers over and over again.

NOTE: We have made the difficult decision to put the 2023 2Rivers Festival on Pause.

With heavy hearts we acknowledge the need to take a pause in running the 2Rivers Festival in May/June 2023. The last 3 years have required and enormous amount of agility and adaptability in terms of planning a previously fully in-person festival during a global pandemic. Typically, we begin planning the September prior to the festival and we had no confidence this year in predicting what the spring might bring with regards to possible restrictions. Further, we have learned a great many lessons through this time and recognize there is an advantage to hosting a hybrid style festival going forward.

Further, as our collective awareness grows, so too grows the understanding for the need to learn more about the myriad intersectional issues that compound and exacerbate the ecological problems of our river ecology. Who's stories have not been told?

Our pause will help us to re-envision the annual 2Rivers Festival in a way that invites our whole community to bring their stories and share together on the shores of these rivers - the pulsing vein of life through this landscape.