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  • Wednesday, January 31, 2018 at 06:30 PM
    St. James Anglican Church (basement) in Guelph, ON, Canada

    Movie Night

    The 2Rivers Festival has partnered with Water Docs to bring 2 films. 

    On Wednesday January 31, take a night off and join us in watching these inspiring films about why we love rivers so much.


    The Canoe
    CANADA | 2017 | 27 min
    Filmmaker: Goh Iromoto

    “If it is love that binds people to places in this nation of rivers and in this river of nations, then one enduring expression of that simple truth is surely the canoe.”– James Raffan

    This film captures the bond between human and nature created by Canada’s well-known watercraft and water symbol – the canoe. Through the stories of five canoeists paddling through different parts of Ontario, the film – gorgeously lyrical in visual composition and narration – underscores the strength of the human spirit and how the canoe can be a vessel for creating deep and meaningful connection.



    The Peel Project
    CANADA | 2016 | 67 min
    Filmmakers: Anthony Wallace & Calder Cheverie

    Six Artists paddle into the Arctic - A story of Art, Adventure and Canadian Wilderness. In jeopardy of development, The Peel Project highlights the landscape, culture and wildlife of the Peel River Watershed, one of the last intact river systems left in North America.

    Doors open at 6:30 pm. Films begin at 7:00pm.